S-CAT "Double-Trouble"
Dual Filtered Distortion
The Double Trouble filtered distortion is a dual distortion unit. The two distortions can be used individually or in combination. Distortion I has been optimized for drum machines. The Transient Boost control brings back some of the power of the original signal, and blends in with the distortion to give well defined low end. Distortion II is for synths, with an additional peak filter for hands on manipulation.

We set out to make a desktop distortion for electronic music, but it soon became obvious that the unit was a perfect match for lead and bass guitar, with the added bonus of low noise/hiss levels compared to many guitar distortion or overdrive pedals.

The drum distortion section has been taken from our new Atomic Kick Drum that we are currently working on. The synth distortion side is based on the overdrive section of our Time-Freek delay. Both are unique designs to S-CAT.
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Double Trouble



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